UKRFCU has a “Presence on the Streets!”

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Our UKRFCU Billboard is UP. This billboard is located on the intersection of Bustleton Avenue and Philmont Avenue. If you are driving northbound towards the Somerton Branch, the billboard is on the left hand side.

Why this location?

This is the perfect location since it is conveniently located on the way to the Somerton Branch, which is on the next plaza to the right, and less than two miles away from the Feasterville Branch if you’re continuing your route towards Street Road.

Why ‘Better’?

Not only are we BETTER, but it demonstrates to our membership that they can take control of their financial future and fulfill their ambitions quicker.

Why ‘Visit Feasterville’?

Remember, you can visit our Feasterville Branch located at 221 W. Street Road, located less than two miles away from the Somerton Branch!


Please take a look at the billboard for yourself and let us know what you think!