Schedule of Fees and Charges

Effective as of December 1, 2018

Please be advised that we will be updating our Schedule of Fees and Charges as of September 1, 2019.

Free Services

Service Fee
Balance InquiryFREE
Transfer by PhoneFREE
Notary Public Service (Members)FREE
Online & Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, e-StatementsFREE
Copy of Check (one per month)FREE
Credit Union Check (if made in Member’s name)FREE
Statement (mailed) FREE
Deposited Checks (250 per month)FREE


Service Fee
Account closed within 90 days$25.00
Account Ownership TIN & EIN Exception Processing$100.00
Account Verification Letter$10.00
ACH Item Returned$15.00
Annual Inactivity Fee (per year) $25.00
Bad Address Fee (per month) $5.00
Business Share Draft NSF Returned Item Fee $25.00
Copy Fee (per page) $0.50
Copy of Additional Check (per month)$5.00
Credit Union Check (in name of 3rd party)$5.00
Debit/VISA Card Replacement (3 day delivery) $25.00
Debit/VISA Card Replacement (if lost)$10.00
Deposit Item Returned (per item)$25.00
Deposited Checks (over 250 per month/per item)$0.20
Dormant Account (per year)$25.00
Dormant Checks/Money Orders (per item) $25.00
Excessive Transfers – Reg D (per item after 6)$10.00
International ATM Transaction Fee for Debit (per transaction)1%
Money Order$1.00
New Account Fee$5.00
Notary Public Service – Non Members$5.00
Notice of Levies / Writs of Execution, Citation, Subpoena, Garnishment, Summons (plus all incurred costs)$100.00
NSF (insufficient funds) $25.00
NSF Notification (per day)$5.00
Overdraft Transfer$5.00
Personal Check PrintingVaries
Research (per hour)$25.00
Returned Loan Payment $25.00
Statement Fee (additional)$2.00
Stop Payment (ACH Item)$25.00
Stop Payment (Bill Pay)$25.00
Stop Payment (Money Order)$25.00
Stop Payment (Personal Check)$25.00
Substitute 1098$5.00
Substitute 1099$5.00
Visa Card Payment Over the Phone (via Visa)$5.00
Visa Debit International Service Assessment1%
Wire – Incoming ($0.00 to $9,999.99)$5.00
Wire – Incoming ($10,000 or greater)$15.00
Wire – Outgoing Domestic$20.00
Wire – Outgoing International $40.00

Safe Deposit Box – Annual Fees

3″ x 5″ x 24″$35.00
5″x 5″x 24″$42.00
3″x 10″x 24″$47.00
5″x 10″x 24″$60.00
10″x 10″x 24″$100.00
Safe Deposit Drilling Fee$250.00
Safe Deposit Key Replacement$75.00

As of December 1, 2018. Subject to change without notice. Please contact UKRFCU for more details.