Schedule of Fees and Charges

Effective as of December 1, 2018

Free Services

Service Fee
Balance InquiryFREE
Transfer by PhoneFREE
Notary Public Service (Members)FREE
Online & Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, e-StatementsFREE
Copy of Check (one per month)FREE
Credit Union Check (if made in Member’s name)FREE
Statement (mailed) FREE
Deposited Checks (250 per month)FREE


Service Fee
Account closed within 90 days$25.00
Account Ownership TIN & EIN Exception Processing$100.00
Account Verification Letter$10.00
ACH Item Returned$15.00
Annual Inactivity Fee (per year) $25.00
Bad Address Fee (per month) $5.00
Business Share Draft NSF Returned Item Fee $25.00
Copy Fee (per page) $0.50
Copy of Additional Check (per month)$5.00
Credit Union Check (in name of 3rd party)$5.00
Debit/VISA Card Replacement (3 day delivery) $25.00
Debit/VISA Card Replacement (if lost)$10.00
Deposit Item Returned (per item)$25.00
Deposited Checks (over 250 per month/per item)$0.20
Dormant Account (per year)$25.00
Dormant Checks/Money Orders (per item) $25.00
Excessive Transfers – Reg D (per item after 6)$10.00
International ATM Transaction Fee for Debit (per transaction)1%
Money Order$1.00
New Account Fee$5.00
Notary Public Service – Non Members$5.00
Notice of Levies / Writs of Execution, Citation, Subpoena, Garnishment, Summons (plus all incurred costs)$100.00
NSF (insufficient funds) $125.00
NSF Notification (per day)$5.00
Overdraft Transfer$5.00
Personal Check PrintingVaries
Research (per hour)$25.00
Returned Loan Payment $25.00
Statement Fee (additional)$2.00
Stop Payment (ACH Item)$25.00
Stop Payment (Bill Pay)$25.00
Stop Payment (Money Order)$25.00
Stop Payment (Personal Check)$25.00
Substitute 1098$5.00
Substitute 1099$5.00
Visa Card Payment Over the Phone (via Visa)$5.00
Visa Debit International Service Assessment1%
Wire – Incoming ($0.00 to $9,999.99)$5.00
Wire – Incoming ($10,000 or greater)$15.00
Wire – Outgoing Domestic$20.00
Wire – Outgoing International $40.00

Safe Deposit Box – Annual Fees

3″ x 5″ x 24″$35.00
5″x 5″x 24″$42.00
3″x 10″x 24″$47.00
5″x 10″x 24″$60.00
10″x 10″x 24″$100.00
Safe Deposit Drilling Fee$250.00
Safe Deposit Key Replacement$75.00

As of December 1, 2018. Subject to change without notice. Please contact UKRFCU for more details.