Loans and Credits


Making your dream home a reality

Now is the right time to buy your dream home! Consider joining the millions of Americans who enjoy the many benefits of home-ownership.

Investment – In most cases, the value of your home will increase each year. As you make payments on your home mortgage, you are also building equity.

Tax advantages – Interest you pay on your mortgage, and on occasion, even property taxes, can be claimed as a deduction on your annual income tax return.

Pre-approvals – While you are shopping for a new home, the Credit Union can pre-approve you for your mortgage.

We’ve got what it takes

Whether this is your first mortgage, a trade up or a refinance, USFCU offers the kind of service that makes you feel right at home.

Variety of mortgage programs – We offer fixed and adjustable rates at terms that meet your particular situation.

Competitive rates – Check our current rates on-line at our web site or call the Credit Union.

Pre-qualification – Know how much you can afford before you start looking for a home.

Fast loan decisions – We won’t keep you waiting during this exciting time! You should have a conditional approval from USFCU within 3 business days.

Personable mortgage counseling – Talk with our mortgage officer to discuss what options will best meet your needs.

Lower fees – Often, the Credit Union can save you money on fees.


Put the equity in your home to work for you

Whether you need to make improvements to your home, send your child to college, consolidate your debt or pay for unexpected medical bills, financing these life events can be a challenge.

Many homeowners use home equity loans and credit lines as a way to handle life’s challenges. Here are some things to consider before determining a strategy that best suits your personal financial situation.

Auto Loans

Get the wheels you need now!

Get on the road with a new or used car loan from us today.