Community Support

The UKRFCU In the Community

The Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal Credit Union (UKRFCU) is a financial cooperative that services the financial needs of the Ukrainian community. As a successful credit union, the UKRFCU strives to carefully balance the needs of the constituents it serves including credit union members, the Ukrainian community as well as its employees. To fulfill the UKRFCU’s role as a “community organization,” responsible and well-targeted charitable contributions are made to organizations which foster UKRFCU’s mission.


Sponsorship and Donation Focus Areas

Requesting organizations that are members of UKRFCU and from the Greater Philadelphia area will be given priority consideration. More specifically, UKRFCU will grant sponsorships and donations to organizations, events or projects that contribute to and enhance the Ukrainian-American and member community in the geographic areas that UKRFCU serves.

Applications for funding that fall within these parameters will be considered for, but not guaranteed, funding. Examples of programs that may qualify for funding include the following:

  • Events or projects whose focus is the promotion of Ukrainian arts, culture and language.
  • Events or projects that support Ukrainian-American charitable organizations.
  • Organizations which support education and community awareness.
  • Organizations that promote Ukrainian youth leadership training, education and good citizenship.

General Eligibility Criteria

Organizations with programs aligned with the aforementioned focus areas should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • All requests need to be submitted in writing with the appropriate USFCU application form (see Application Process below). Telephone inquiries and faxed requests will not be accepted. Requests can be emailed.
  • For contribution requests exceeding $1,000:
    1. The applicant must include the budget for the project/event.
    2. The applicant agrees to complete a Post-Event/Project Evaluation Report outlining the success of the event and how UKRFCU was recognized

UKRFCU reserves the right to publicize all projects and recipients.

Recipients will acknowledge any funding received from UKRFCU.

Criteria Specific to Donations

Donation applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be not-for-profit or registered charitable organization
  • Majority of activities are based on volunteer work
  • Offer UKRFCU significant visibility or promotional opportunities
  • Sign an agreement with UKRFCU, to communicate UKRFCU’s branding and messaging in accordance with the UKRFCU Brand Guide

Criteria Specific to Sponsorships

Sponsorship applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Offer UKRFCU significant visibility or promotional opportunities
  • Sign an agreement with UKRFCU to communicate UKRFCU’s branding and messaging in accordance with UKRFCU Brand Guide

Funding Limitations and Exclusions

The following donation and sponsorship requests are not eligible for financial support from USFCU:

  • For-profit video, DVD and film productions
  • Expenses accrued outside of United States
  • Projects linked to a political party or candidate of a political party or labor organization
  • Requests to support annual operating expenses are generally excluded

Funding Requests Greater Than $1,000

As part of the agreement for funding exceeding $1,000, the applicant will complete a Post-Event/Post-Project Report, no later than 60 days following the completion of the event or the project — unless otherwise specified.

The report must include:

  • Event/Project details including title, date, attendance figures and written description of the event/project
  • A financial report on the project
  • Copies of all advertising used to promote/host the event/project that pertain to UKRFCU
  • A statement on the success of the project/event

Applicant’s failure to provide a post-event report may not be considered for subsequent donation and/or sponsorship requests.

Application Deadlines

Funding requests will be accepted and reviewed on a monthly basis. Applicants are encouraged to submit their request at least 90 days prior to the project or event start date.

Application Process and Contact Information

Applicants seeking funding are required to complete the following steps:

Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal Credit Union
Attn: Business Development and Marketing Manager
1729 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111

Or email to:

Anatoli Murha, UKRFCU’s Business Development and Marketing Manager at

All applications/requests will be logged as they are received and will be reviewed for eligibility. Applicants whose Application has been approved for funding will be notified accordingly.

For any questions, please call 215.725.4430 ext 709.