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$25 M2M REFERRAL BONUS – NEW/REFERRED MEMBERS: All new memberships are subject to USFCU membership terms and disclosures (see membership eligibility at www.ukrfcu.com or inquire at any USFCU location). Your account must remain open and in good standing for 60 days before the $25 M2M Referral Bonus is deposited into your account.  CURRENT/REFERRING MEMBERS: The $25 M2M Referral Bonus will be deposited into your account when the New/Referred Member meets the requirements listed in the “New/Referred Members” section of this disclosure.

$50 SHARE DRAFT/VISA DEBIT and $50 DIRECT DEPOSIT BONUS – The $50 Share Draft (Checking)/Visa Debit Bonus will be deposited when at least three point-of-sale transactions are made with the Debit Card, or after first Direct Deposit is posted. The $50 Direct Deposit Bonus will be deposited into account after the fourth direct deposit.

GENERAL – This referral coupon must be submitted at the time the new member applies for membership. A member is considered a “Qualified Referring Member” if he or she is a USFCU member in good standing. Family members of current USFCU members qualify. Joining members must present two forms of government issued I.D. (one must be U.S. government issued photo I.D.). The $25 M2M Referral Bonus will be deposited into the prime share account when qualifications are met. The $25 M2M Referral Bonus is unlimited during offer period (*see below). Former members qualify as a new member provided their previous account was closed six months prior to the date of reopen. A minimum of $50 into a prime share account and a $5 membership fee are required to open a USFCU account and must remain in the account at all times. Members receiving the $25 M2M Referral Bonus, $50 Share Draft/Visa Debit, and/or $50 Direct Deposit Bonus will be sent an IRS Form 1099-MISC and may be responsible for paying taxes on the incentives.

The USFCU Board of Directors and Employees are not eligible for the $25 M2M Referral Bonus.

*Offer valid June 1, 2014 – July 31, 2014.